Hockey Summit of the Arts

March 30th to April 1st, 2018

Summit 2018
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Logo Team Name Team Links
Backcheck Republic [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Big Shots [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Black Hearts [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Bloody Knuckles [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Brockton/Sgt. Rock [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Brown Bears [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Capsule Music [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
CCCP [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Chuck Norris [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
CISM [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Cosmic Daves [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Deadly Sins [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Dufferin Groove [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Edmonton Gong Show [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Flying Burritios [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Friendly Giants [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Guelph Royal Pains [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Hack [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Holy Mackinaws [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Holy MackinEhs [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Le Nationals [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Les Steaks [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
LTS [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
MEAT [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Morningstars [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
MRCH [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
MTL Cougars HC [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
MTL Iceholes [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
MTL Lovelies [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Niagara Crystal Beach Comets [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Ninja Tune WDKC [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Ottawa Millionaires [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Ottawa Valley Heavy Pucks [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Parkdale [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
PTBO ExRays [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
PTBO Placebos [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
PTBO Pneumonia [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Republic of Doyle [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Screaming Unyons [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Sudbury Townhouse Taverneers [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
The Fancy Pants [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Twisted Sisters [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Ultimate Warriors [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]
Zero Gravity Chimps [team info] [schedule] [roster] [stats]